Corporate Citizenship
We take our social responsibility very seriously.

Sustainability and social involvement are important issues on our agenda.


Environmental responsbility is becoming more important in the meetings industry worldwide and Vancouver has been one of the leaders of this movement during the past years. Venue West has a strong commitment to sustainability and we can help you develop the green checklist for your event, implement it and communicate it effecitvely. 

But we see sustainability not just in the sense of “going green”.  We also believe in the sustaining of our youth; nurturing the young people who will become future contributors of sustainability for the world. This is why we’re a proud supporter of the JUMP Program (Junior Undiscovered Mathematical Prodigies).  JUMP Math was founded in Toronto in 1998 by playwright, author and mathematician Dr. John Mighton.  The Program was created to help inner-city students struggling with math and is based on the premise that every child can succeed in math, building confidence and life skills.  Since then JUMP has been successfully introduced in First Nations Schools throughout Canada and at schools around the world. We invite you to visit the JUMP Math web site.

Susan Daugulis, President and Owner of Venue West, introduced the JUMP Program to the First Nations School in Mount Currie in 2000.  It was so successful that it has since been adopted by many First Nations Schools in BC and across Canada as well as numerous East-side Vancouver Schools. Students from diverse cultural backgrounds reap the benefit of math demystified through the entering of a new door to learning and excelling.  From a modest beginning, the JUMP program has also expanded to many countries around the world.  Susan continues to supervise the many volunteers to Mount Currie School and Chairs the BC JUMP Math Fundraising Committee.