Our Technical Expertise

"Throughout the week, I have had many favorable feedback comments about the organization of VUVX2010 and how smoothly everything has occurred. ... This is very much due to the professionalism and excellent work of you and the rest of the Venue West crew. So "and more" is largely due to you folks!! ... It has been a great conference. ... Thanks again."
July 2010

Adam Hitchcock, PhD, Conference-Co-Chair
VUVX 2010

Reliable and relevant technological systems are critical to successful conference, association and abstract management.

Venue West offers a custom-designed and fully flexible registration, abstract and data base system to ensure smooth, efficient and secure processes.

Online Registration

The big advantage of Powered by Venue West is that we developed this system in house, which means we can custom design it for you – and our IT expert is right here in our office so we can offer instant service.

Our system is flexible enough to offer caps on registration categories, codes for registrants who have been offered a discount, and a very easy user friendly interface.

The system also provides real time, 24/7, concise and fully customizable reports, so that you and your Project Manager are always up to date and can make any budgetary or planning adjustments in a timely manner.

Abstract Submission and Review

Our abstract submission and review system allows user friendly online abstract management. All abstracts can be submitted online by applicants. The online review portal offers convenience to reviewers to access abstracts, assign a rating and submit their reviews to the committee.

Membership Management

Membership recruitment and retention is often a key deliverable for associations. Using the Powered by Venue West© system, association members can renew their memberships online - and new members can sign up online as well. We can also do emails blasts to insure membership renewal and make sure that your members know the value of your association. We would be happy to discuss your needs and help you optimize your membership potential.

Contact us to find out more and to request an appointment allowing us to present our systems to you.