Keys for Success

"I would like to extend my most sincere congratulations to you for the outstanding CSEB-APHEO conference that you all worked so hard to plan, organize, coordinate, run this past week. It was a superb meeting that added much depth, breadth and interest for the attendees. ... I recognize fully the enormous dedication, time, commitment, energy, enthusiasm and hard work that such a conference requires and feel that you all deserve credit for its very successful outcome."

Dr. Christine Friedenreich, PhD
Leader Population Health Research / AHFMR Health Senior Scholar
Cancer Corridor, Alberta Health Services

At Venue West we know that a truly successful conference comes from identifying the unique features and requirements of each of our conferences and ensuring that we contribute in creating an event absolutely customized for your needs; adding value and ensuring success for organizers, delegates, sponsors and stakeholders.

Through the detailed and careful planning of all our conferences and by implementing our “keys for success” below, we have achieved a long track record of satisfied clients and successful conferences.